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Clarkston 2022 - A Look Back

A big thank you to our prayer and financial supporters of the eye clinic for refugees in Clarkston, GA.

Thank you also to Lisa Diecks, Margaret Wharton, Compton Wharton Jr, Louie Najfus, Dahlia Najfus, Raymond Copeland, Kayla Rogers and others who stepped in on short notice to assist where needed. It was a blessing working with such a wonderful team of volunteers.

We are happy to report that Dr. Annette who could not make the trip due to illness is much better.

Unfortunately, after his return to PA, our driver Earl learned that the pain in his right foot is related to a broken bone. No driving for 6 weeks for him.

This year our patients were from 15 different countries and spoke 18 different languages.

Thanks to our interpreters who were as young as 10 years old we were able to communicate and successfully examine these patients. The young girl in green in this photo was the translator for this group.

On Friday, June 10 our hosts in Clarkston, Envision Atlanta, will be distributing 231 prescription eyeglasses to the patients who were examined by our team.

A big shout out to Versant Health for their partnership and generosity in providing the eyeglasses for this clinic.

As you can imagine, our doctors examined patients with all kinds of eye issues and trauma, especially trauma to their eyes. They made a total of 34 referrals to specialists and primary care providers.

Bev one of our team members did a video walk through of the clinic before patients arrived for the day. Click here to watch her video walk through.

We see this ministry as a relay race… the baton is now passed on to Ron & Wendy Baum, Dan & Angela Kirk and their team in Clarkston to continue the work that was begun in the lives of these patients.

Thank You

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