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Day 2...

Started the day with a visit to Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. Pastor Louie Giglio did a wonderful job discussing Romans 12:2 and the difference between “conforming to this world” vs. being “transformed” ... gotta renew the mind, gotta think differently.

Went to the clinic and conducted eye exams for a small group of patients from Afghanistan, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dinner tonight is Ethiopian food. Yum.

We are a little tired. The team is more comfortable with their roles. Unfortunately, a few volunteers are leaving tomorrow and will be replaced by other first-time volunteers. We will have to train on the go. Please pray that they learn their new skills quickly.

We said goodbye to Courtney Elcock and Billy Danko who are on their way back to PHL today after completing their assignment to help train the volunteers. Thank You Courtney and Billy.

Bev Whitely is in transit to Clarkston and will be joining the team tomorrow (Monday). Please pray for her safe arrival.

There are 45 patients are on the schedule for tomorrow (Monday). A group of 12 from the Chin speaking community with two interpreters are scheduled in the AM. We are praying for wisdom on how to optimize the movement of these patients through the 6 stations.

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