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In-Person Eye Clinic @ City Team Completed

Thanks to the involvement and partnership of the wonderful staff at City Team Chester and 2 Timothy 3:16 Ministries another eye clinic was successfully completed.

Scripts were written for 19 pairs of eyeglasses that will be provisioned through the generosity of our friends at Versant Health.

We had the unique opportunity of having three optometrists present who examined each patient. Thank you to Drs. Vik & Lizzie Brooks & Dr. Donna Elcock.

Special thanks to Ralph Menichini, Nicole Sheridan and the rest of the team from 2 Tim 3:16 Ministries (Peg, Helene, Sylvia, Rick) who kept things moving smoothly and ensured that each patient received quality care in a timely fashion.

A shout out to Fred from City Team who was an amazing host… always available and helpful. He made the setup painless and the patient flow seamless. Thank you, Fred!

Kudos to Leon, Billy, Andrea, Karen & Courtney who, like the team members from 2 Tim 3:16 Ministries, were professional and competent and made the event pleasant and profitable for all participants.

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