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January 2020 clinic completed!

Despite heavy rain and unseasonable January weather, Great Faith Vision was able to

conduct a comprehensive eye clinic for 31 patients last Saturday at Whosoever Gospel Mission in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

Our diverse, multi-generational team of volunteers included a 12 yr old, a 15 yr old, a Cardiologist, several nurses, a Physician Assistant, an Optometrist, a Physics Teacher, a social worker and other professionals.

Thank You Dr Donna, Dr Glenn, Cathy, Diane, Christina, Janine,Sheila, Suzanne, Andrea, Elena, Xiaoxia (Brandy), Leon, Karen and Linda for your hard work and your kindness and compassion for our patients. We pray you were as blessed as the men you ministered to were

A Shout Out to Versant Health for their continued partnership and donation of prescription eyeglasses so we could positively impact the lives of those with the greatest need who cannot afford these services.

Thanks also to James Geraghty and his amazing team at Versant Health’s lab for their fantastic work! Thank you for being so flexible. You are great to work with.

Kudos to Bob Emberger, Heather Rice and the entire Whosoever Gospel Mission team for their ongoing labor love to these men.

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